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Southdown Sheep and Lambs hand raised at Marquis Ranch

Welcome to Marquis Ranch where we specialize in the raising and breeding of the “Olde English Babydoll Southdown.”  Get ready to fall in love with these sweet, playful creatures.  Learn about the gentle temperament of these critters and relish in their diminutive size.  For all these reasons and more they are perfect for hobby farms, mini farms, petting zoos, rural homes with smaller acreage, vineyards, orchards, pet or companions. 

Why Everyone Loves Their “Babydoll” Southdowns
The “Babydoll” woolly teddy bear face will always give you a smile. Their short legs along with their small size allows them the ability to do well in small areas. They are ideal for suburban lot owners who want the tranquility of sheep as living lawn ornaments. Both ewes and rams are polled (have no horns) and are non-aggressive by nature. The ewes are very good mothers, often raising twins and triplets with ease.


Because “Babydoll” Southdowns are an ancient breed, they are not prone to many of the modern sheep problems and are resistant to foot rot. In general, they are cared for like any other sheep which includes worming, hoof trimming, shearing, and vaccinations.

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