2020 Breeding / 2021 Lambs


Another exciting time on the Ranch.  This year we are breeding 25 ewes (10 black and 15 white) with 6 rams (3 white and 3 black).  The ewes range from 8 years old to one year old and our rams range from 5 to 1.  We are hoping for 32 to 38 lambs in Spring of 2021.  Last year was an unprecedented year for girls but we will see.  Ever year is full of surprises.  As Mark always says, we run the factory, but we cannot predict the outcome.  Either way we just always hope for healthy lambs and moms.  The seven 2020 ewe lambs we have will not be bred until 2021 for 2022 lambs.  It is far too stressful on them and us and its not worth sacrificing their and they lamb’s health in the short and long term 


Meet Our Rams


Garrett – is 5 years old, white and is the son of Oliver and Samantha, both white.  His father, Oliver was our first and original Ram and unfortunately, he passed away in 2019 from compilations of a cold.  He was so extremely sweet and full of personality.  Garrett has fathered more than 40 lambs with an almost 50 / 50 split of boys and girls and mostly white.  Any black lambs were from a black mother.  His Mother, Samantha is a super sweet loving mom who retired in 2019 to a beautiful and large old thoroughbred breeding ranch.  She and several of our other girls are now residing in the peaceful and serene countryside in Temecula, California.  Garrett is the best of both of them and we are proud to have him continue their legacies.



Olaf – is 4 years old, white and is the son of a ram lamb and ewe we sold to a buyer in Temecula 5 years ago.  At the time that individual was leaving the Babydoll family he offered back to us several lambs including Olaf.  Olaf came to us as a bouncing baby boy full of curiosity and charm.  His full round face is the essence of the Teddy Bear look.  In his short breeding time, he has produced more than 35 lambs, mostly girls and all but 2 white.  His father, Miles is black and what an adorable little boy born out of two of our favorite sheep.  He now resides in Northern California with his mother and several other family members.  His mother, Farrah is white and so very clam and loves people.  I bought her as a lamb from a great breeder in Felton, California.  She now resides with an incredibly special family in Fallbrook, California with several of our other girls that left us to retire in the quiet wooded foothills.  Olaf, our little teddy bear is like a little tank but as sweet as pie.  When he messes up, occasionally, he knows he is wrong, and his big eyes bring only apologies.


Dawson is 3 years old, black and the son of Morgan, black and Leo, also black.  Leo loved people and had beautiful friendly ewes.  He now resides in Santa Paula, California to carry on his legacy with a new loving family.  Morgan was such a shy, sweet girl.  She loved her little Dawson and took such pride in him.  Unfortunately, we lost her the following year.  She developed a ruptured uterus and passed away with her full-term twins in January of 2018.  In Dawson‘s, short couple of breeding years his has produced 20 lambs, including a set of triplets, with only one being white.  Our little boy is continuing to pass on his sweet and outgoing nature and his respect and love for his people.


Kingston is 3 years old, black and came to us from Redmond Oregon as did many in our flock.  He is a gentle bull in a china shop with a full face and expressive eyes.  He has been with us since he was 12 weeks old and was raised with Dawson.  Kingston has sired 20 lambs, all but one black and two thirds girls.  He is currently romancing 5 black girls and we hope to see more gentle, full faced little ones in the spring.


Jerry is 2 years old, white and was purchased with his twin brother and older sister from a young man in Mount Baldy, California  that was headed off to college.  Tom, his brother was sold to a farm in Santa Paula and his sister, Trixie is still with us.  Jerry immediately connected to people and thrives on attention.  He loves to walk on a lead (self-taught) and is one of the most friendly and outgoing rams we have ever had.  In the downsizing of our flock in 2019 we sold Jerry with 2 young ewes from Oregon to an amazing family in Marana Arizona.  They operate a Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Jubilee every year and Jerry would be part of their petting zoo.  A perfect place for him to shine with his friendly demeanor.  He is currently in an exchange situation with the Marana Pumpkin Patch family to allow us both to add more diversity to our flock.  Sheridan, Garrett’s son is in Marana in exchange for Jerry.  This is only Jerry’s second year breeding and from what I understand he sired two white ewe lambs within their small flock last year.  We look forward to seeing more Jerrys in the spring.


Julius is one year old, a very unique black, some call blue and this is his first breeding season.  His parents are Dawson and Juliana.  Juliana is a 3-year-old white ewe that until just recently currently resides on a 250-acre ranch in Santa Ynez, CA. His grandmother is Georgette, one of our older ewes she is very vocal and speaks out for everyone, even if they don’t need anything.  He is a very sweet boy and very easy going.  We will be excited to see Julius lambs.

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