Welcome to Marquis Ranch

Located in Southeast Arizona and the greater Temecula Valley of Southern California.

We Raise Olde English "Babydoll" Miniature Southdown Sheep

About Us


Originated in the early 2000’s we began in Orange County with two quarter horses and six chickens.  Our love for animals and desire to expand our family, we relocated to a ranch in Murrieta.  The additions to our growing family included, miniature Hereford cattle, Babydoll lambs, the increase of the flock of chickens and the addition of several mares to our herd.  During this tenure we have had the great pleasure of breeding and delivering dozen or so foals, including a few champions, breeding and delivering a dozen of so calves including a champion bull and his champion calves.  Our Babydoll herd expanded as we learned and experienced the joy in breeding and raising these sweet, playful characters.

As life evolves, we have downsized the ranch and our current focus is only on the raising and breeding of the “Babydolls.”  Just recently our Ranch has expanded to a beautiful small town in southeast Arizona, Sierra Vista.  Why here?  Sierra Vista (Spanish for "Mountain View") has always enjoyed clean air, ideal weather and spectacular forever views of the Mule, Dragoon, Whetstone and Huachuca Mountains.  In addition, this family friendly town is very livestock friendly and welcomes all of the special four-legged friends, big and small.  This move will allow us to continue our passion of raising our adorable "Babydolls" with less concerns of the continuing increase of costs and more and more restrictions and regulations regarding livestock in California.

Our “Babydoll” buyers have come from every walk of life and have different reasons for their interest in these little smiling teddy bears.  Every buyer, at first sight finds that special look on the face of the lamb who will forever “Start their day with a Smile.”


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Start your day with a smile….
own a Babydoll